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Start with Clear and Detailed Prompts

When interacting with AI, especially generative models, the specificity of your request matters a lot. Detailed prompts lead to more accurate and satisfying outputs. For example, instead of asking for “a landscape,” specify the type of landscape, the time of day, the mood you’re aiming for, and any key elements you want included.

For models like Artist (DALL-E-3), which generate images based on text descriptions, it’s beneficial to think visually. Describe not just the objects you want to see, but also the style, atmosphere, and emotions you want the image to convey. Terms like “sunset colors,” “mystical atmosphere,” or “in the style of impressionist painters” can help guide the AI to produce results that better match your vision.

Your first interaction with an AI might not always produce the perfect outcome. Use the results as a learning opportunity to refine your approach. If the output isn’t what you expected, consider adjusting your prompt to be more precise or to clarify any misunderstandings. Iteration is a powerful tool in getting closer to the desired result.

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